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Shotgun Shell Nerf Gun

This is a shotgun Shell with a nerf zombie strike feature, when this Shell is opened, it reveals a nerf zombie strike gun with a default shell. This Shell can be closed again with a few buttons on the top of the gun, the gun imparts one shell, and is designed to be used with a nerf zombie strike feature.

Double Shot Nerf Gun

The doubleshot nerf gun is a two Shell shotgun that was designed and accuracy in mind, this gun offers two Shot capacity and is equipped with a nerf zombie strike dart blaster gun that can shoot two. Rounds, the double Shot feature means that you can always have two shots ready to fire, no matter what the situation may be. This is a nerf gun shotgun that uses shells as ammo, it options and is available in the nerf gun shells are best-in-class alternative to add an extra degree of protection to your playing field. With three shells in each package, you can protect your positions and take advantage of the brothers who are around you, this nerf gun with bullet shells is a top-of-the-line surrogate to add a boost to your strike or with three Shot reload and three Shot update, nerf zombie strike shotgun is will help you hold on to your targets. The work of a nerf zombie strike dart blaster gun is will also work with the shotgun and dart gun.