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Fake Nerf Guns

Looking for a substitute to keep your nerfgun running like a well-oiled machine? Don't look anywhere than our Fake gun refills! These 150 dart refill packs for the nerfn-strike elite guns will keep your gun running like new again, and you can trust that the bullets and darts will be the last thing you need before the game is over.

Nerf Gun Replicas

The stryfe extended barrel faux suppressor is an easy-to-use foam dart that can be added to each nerf gun, this mod makes the gun more suppressor-friendly, making it easier to adopt and suppressors. Additionally, it provides a stryfe extended barrel faux suppressor mod feature, which makes it easier to set up and use, this Fake nerf gun is inspired by the star wars amban phase-pulse blaster from the mandalorian clan. The blaster is illuminated with a star wars banner and extends light up with the mandalorian symbol, the gun also includes a part with a mandalorian flag on it. This Fake gun is for sale for this is a Fake nerf gun to make gun, it is fabricated to look like a standard nerf gun, but with a difference: there is an 100 pink darts for each of which a needle hole is manufactured so the powder can be injected into the dart. The n-strike elite guns can then be filled with bullets, ammo, and darts, it includes 100 dart refills for the dart, dart, dart, and plus, bullets for the dart, dart, and.